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About the Department

On June 22, 1971, the Department of Orthopedics was created by virtue of a resolution passed by the Board of Regents during its 810th meeting. Before this date, the section of Orthopedics functioned under the Department of Surgery, with Dr. Ambrosio F. Tangco serving as the section head. When Dr. Tangco was appointed as a member of the UP Board of Regents, Dr. Manuel T. Rivera took over as section head. The appointment of Dr. Tangco to the Board of Regents would prove providential for it was through his efforts that the creation of Department of Orthopedics was approved unanimously.

Mission Vision


A dynamic department excellent in service, education, research and leadership benefiting orthopedic patients and recognized regionally and internationally.


Guided by moral, ethical and spiritual values, we commit ourselves to excellence in orthopedic health care while maintaining a balance between work and family.

     For Education:
     We will provide orthopedic education directed towards ethical practice and responsive to the needs of the community.

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